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Thread Box:
Ask Sexy thread 2014
Thread started by KeepinEtNorma at 01.23.14 - 10:30 am

New year, new thread! (also, I can't seem to find the old one)


it's been a while, how are you? I'm still awaiting those forms in my mail.

my question, however, is about a topic that I'm sure is close to many of our hearts: could you point me to any literature on why drivers hate cyclists so much? and, as a follow-up to that, will me being hit by an enraged driver be covered by the Affordable Care Act? I find the ACA oh so confusing.

Happy New Year!



Anarcho-socialism or mutualism or collectivist anarchism or anarchist communism or anarcho-syndicalism or platformism or participism?

I think I know what I prefer.

Pet Cathy

01.24.14 - 1:41 am


And thank you user KeepinEtNorma, Sexy threads are sexy.

01.24.14 - 1:42 am



54° 40' or Fight?

Thank you,

01.24.14 - 1:52 am


Happy New Years to you to Norma. Great to read you must be so bored to try to bring back the Ask Sexy Thread. I do know something better you could be doing, go out side, ride your bike, find a cutie to fraternize with. You will love it.

In all seriousness. The first Ask Sexy Thread is still there with three unanswered question (It is thread 18893) . One was worth answering . The other two where silly. I'll get to silly ones eventually. I answered the one serious one to the user in person. I do owe it to him and everybody else who faithfully reads the Ask Sexy Thread to share the wealth of knowledge I have on the subject of water fluoridation with a written response.

Sorry about the petitions never getting to you. If you would have taken a brake from prancing around and mesmerizing everybody in the that little pink outfit (which you looked so darling in) I could have given them to you at the toy ride party. I sent an message to the guy who takes care of that. Hopefully you will get those soon. We have until Feb 24 to turn them in. The good news is that you can print the sheets out yourself now. That is if you have 14 x 8-1/2 sheets of paper and printer that accommodate that size of paper. Just follow all the instructions on this page on how to do it.

Yet even better we have a single signature page which everybody who is a registered voter in California can download, fill out and send in. http://gallery.mailchimp.com/402861a6fcd660ba9cd7b2880/files/cchi_2_page.pdf this can be done on a 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Just make sure you fill out everything correctly. Have a question on how to do it properly. Just Ask Sexy!

You want to read some literature as to why drivers hate cyclist so much? I really don't think it is a matter of hate as much as it is a matter that they feel they should not be impeded from traveling. The reality is most everybody feels this way. Just think how you feel when you are cruising along and have to stop at a red . I think this is the same feeling experienced by driver who as you say hate cyclist. They feel the cyclist is slowing down or impeding their driving. I know it is insane. The person who feels this way and acts out on that feeling is inpatient and a danger to all and is in the wrong. Those who drive without patience and understanding of the damage that a car could do to a cyclist, pedestrian or another driver don't understand how they are connected with you and that they should honor, respect, and rejoice that another beautiful human being is close by. At the very least look out for your safety.

It is a sad fact that no matter how a person drives a car, everybody thinks they drive the best and their way is the right way. Even if their driving harms another person. We all know it is wrong to do bodily harm, kill or scare another person (of course unless you are protecting yourself from an attack from another person).

I really don't have any links for you. I did find this article that might of interest to you http://www.aviewfromthecyclepath.com/2013/07/perfect-driving-will-never-happen.html

You also want to know if you will be covered for Medical care by Affordable Care Act if you are hit by and enraged driver? I understand. Many people like yourself do find ACA confusing. If you will be covered after being damaged by a careless driver remains to be seen. Lets hope you or anybody else never needs to find out. The good news is that with or without the ACA an emergency room would have and will accept and treat you. The cost should be covered if you have health insurance (with the usual caveats or co-pays), no matter how the health insurance was obtained. I did write it remains to be seen. After a person gets the immediate care in ER, they may need future care. Be it a certain surgery, or physical therapy. ACA is a mandate that everybody in the USA gets health care coverage. The problem is, the coverage is mostly with a private insurance company. Sure they can't deny you coverage, but they still can deny or delay you the needed procedures or limit the therapies needed for your recovery. The the health insurance companies have made themselves infamous for denying coverage of the people it insures. This remains to be seen if they do so or not continue with this money saving cruel practices.

No matter who or how a person is covered for medical insurance all plans will have limitations and exclusions. It will also depend on what is and what isn't covered.

Many people of limited income in California quality for Medi-Cal now. I'm looking at Medi-Cal member hand book. If a Medi-Cal recipient need Physical therapy a doctor can only prescribe it if the treatment keeps you out of the hospital or shorten yours stay, and only if the doctor thinks that your your condition will improve significantly in a short period of time. That speaks for itself. If a person need long term PT that will take a significant time to improve, sounds like Medi-Cal doesn't cover it.

If a Medi-Cal recipient need occupational therapy, speech therapy, podiatry or audiology they are limited to two visits a month. (this includes all of these....only two treatments per month combined).

A Medi-Cal recipient is cover for hospital stays, x-rays,, lab work, home health care and durable medical equipment with no stated limits. Reconstructive surgery is covered for various reason including from trauma.

Thanks for starting this thread Norma. Always happy to answer any rida'z questions. Stay safe out there. We at midnight ridazz love and cherish you.

01.25.14 - 12:31 am


you wrote all this... Imma read it...

responding to a comment by sexy
01.26.14 - 1:23 pm


Dear Dr. Sexy

How does a young man like myself lose his virginity?

01.26.14 - 1:50 pm


You go to county and drop the soap

responding to a comment by rayrayray
01.26.14 - 3:44 pm


Let me get that spread recipe.

responding to a comment by andres84
01.26.14 - 4:48 pm


1 bag ramen
2 boiled eggs
hot sauce

mix that shit all up and enjoy.

responding to a comment by rayrayray
01.26.14 - 5:28 pm


Pet Cathy writes.......Anarcho-socialism or mutualism or collectivist anarchism or anarchist communism or anarcho-syndicalism or platformism or participism?

I think I know what I prefer.

Pet Cathy

Happy New Years my little Pet Cathy. I am happy to read all of those “ism” that you ask about didn't eat you up yet. “Ism” have been known to consumes ones soul and mind. Are you asking me to decide for you which one? Maybe you want to know which I prefer? The only one that actually exist is mutualism. Everything else you mention is a creation of ones mind. Which is fine. The only problem with that mind created “ism” is that everybody would have to go along with which ever “ism” you choose is the best one for it to work. The bad news is that everybody doesn't think like you so it would be impossible to make any “ism” work without everyone else's cooperation or desire to have a system of the same “ism”. The good news is that everybody doesn't think like you. We are all individuals. We are all free to do as we please as long as we do not harm anyone else. To try to make everyone go along with your “ism” would be insane and counter product to a free individuals ability to create whatever it is that they came forth to create.

There is more good news. We all have imaginations to create the world that would be truly be beneficial for all living beings on this beautiful planet we inhabit. Although we do have a this big problem at the present time. Everybody seems to be under the mind control of authority and everybody has this make believe god that they worship called money.

Money is all make believe. It is a control mechanism to make people believe that we have scarcity when in reality we have more abundance then any of us could ever used. Yet most of us fall under the trap that we have go do something that most of us don't want to do in order to get some money to get the things we want or need. People harm themselves and other in order to get this make believe fiction called money. If we could get out of this trap. We could all go forth and create the things that we want that would provide and serve one another. People really like to work and provide for one another. Think I'm wrong, think about all those lovers that you couldn't wait to make breakfast for in the morning. Those people that you wanted to bestow gifts upon. Those people that you wanted to build, create or do things for. Most every parent wants to provide for their children and spouse. We naturally want to take care of and serve each other. We allow this control mechanism called money to pit ourselves against one another. Fall in love with your fellow man(persons) and start doing right by them.

Authority is also an illusion that some people have the rights to issue commands and others have to oblige to follow those commands. Nobody has the authority to control you or tell you what to do. You are your own person and as long as you don't harm or violate anybody else rights, it your right to do as you please. We have been tricked into think that somebody else can make the decision for all of us. Usually those decision violate a persons right. If somebody or something is violating a persons right is wrong. There is no justification for it.

Now I know many of you will start bring up the common good, what is best for the community and if we don't have codes (you call it law, but they are legally all called codes) we will have chaos. The truth is we have confusion and chaos because we don't honor everybody free will. Everybody has the rights to do as they wish as long as they don't harm other person or hinder another person ability to exercise their own free. We try to control them and tell them what they can and cannot do. This stifles people and their creation. Yes people right now act foolishly because they don't know that they have to respect other peoples right. If we all understood the difference between right and wrong and held each other accountable, violations to one another would cease. At the present moment, we live in a world where people will go out and harm others, the world, themselves to get that make believe money. If we had a world as I described above many people think that they would respect others right but it is that knuckle head who wouldn't. That knuckle head is like anybody who is just trying to survive in the set up we allow to control us all today. This setup keeps us from realizing how connected we are to one another. To fool us into thinking we are all separate, when we are really all one. The only person who wins in this set up is the people that create and control the money. They therefore control the rest of us because we all do wrong to get their money.

Don't fool yourself with this thing called democracy. Do you really think these politicians serve us. We have to jump up and down and spend all this time just to get some bike lanes painted on a street because some guy we pay $176K a year ignores us and say this is how it is going to be. We can't even get a bridge built the way we want because some people don't even know our cities situation says it has to be this certain way.

Don't let somebody tell you that it is alright to harm another person. Don't let a body of people in some chamber somewhere make some code that is immoral. Just because they write something out on a piece of paper doesn't make it right

You are your own Monarch. Nobody controls you. You own yourself. Remember that Rush song? If you allow somebody else to make decision for you it is because you allow them to. Stop it. Take back your power and reclaim yourself.


With all that being said. My Dear Pet Cathy, what is it that you prefer?

responding to a comment by toweliesbong
02.23.14 - 10:47 pm


javascript:var i,s,ss=['http://kathack.com/js/kh.js','http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5.1/jquery.min.js'];for(i=0;i!=ss.length;i++){s=document.createElement('script');s.src=ss[i];document.body.appendChild(s);}void(0);

02.24.14 - 12:06 am



54° 40' or Fight?

Thank you,

Wow wee. Isawacoyote. Is that a name of the people native to this land? It is rather exotic.

Within ten minutes of thinking about this question I had my answer. Yet I decide to really ponder the question and do further investigation of the subject. This has been the reason for my long sabbatical from this thread. (Sorry folks, I will try not to do that again) Every time I always came to the same original response. So here we go.

54° 40' or Fight? What in the world is 54° 40' or Fight? many of you are probably thinking? Well I know all of you have search engine so use it.

Don't call it math rock. No that is not my answer. Yet I have a question for Isawacoyote, why is this important to you?

The people who live on a land should be the ones who control it. Of course they should be good stewards and honor others that live on the land with them. If the majority of people occupying this land area where US settlers then by all means FIGHT if the British did not relinquish control. The crown was not to be trusted and history showed that this monarchy always wanted control of all of the US (and still does).

I don't care for governments but in this situation at this time and in the way the situation arise I felt that the US did the right thing by threading to fight for the territory. They did better in the end by negotiating a settlement.

I do think having all the land of British Columbia up to Alaska today would be off a great benefit to those who live on the west coast of the US today. Think of all that water would we could truck down to our paradise we call Los Angeles. Oh well, we still have Washington and Oregon, maybe we just need to build some aqueducts from those two places.

responding to a comment by toweliesbong
02.24.14 - 12:12 am


YES! I need to digest these two answers, and come up with answers to your answers.

I hope Perspicuous Cauldron reads your answers, too, and maybe contributes.

Summer Hours

02.24.14 - 12:30 am



02.24.14 - 1:03 am


thank you for your response Sexy. I will be signing up for this in the next few days, if the website stops going down.

also, Sexy for Borfo's adviser 2016!

responding to a comment by sexy
02.25.14 - 10:43 am


My man rayrayray wants to know how a young man such as himself loses his virginity

Hi rayrayray. Didn't I see you at SS7? Chance are if you where there you are no longer a virgin. I had a good time that weekend. I heard other people had a really really really really good time. If you are one of those people than I don't think
I need to answer this question. Congratulations to all you had any level of good time at SS7, it was a wonderful time and lets just say you all deserved it. Thank you for all who went above and beyond with structures, cars, various fun things that go boom, the kitchen, the generator, the bar, the party favors, etc, all offered so gracefully and generously.

I'll just assumed you are still a virgin. Let me first remind you that virginity is one of those things that once you lose it you can never get it back. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it. It was an old saying that if you want to spot a virgin just find an ugly 3rd grader. Well rayrayray, I have seen you and you are a handsome man and speaking to you I would say you have the intellect of at least a 5th grader and possibly beyond.

This is an age old question, that has many answers. As you can see Andres84 decided to give you some advice of his own. Let me tell you rayrayray
the incarceration route, at least in California doesn't work. You still have to put some effort into getting laid in jail in California. If you decided to go out that way I would consider some south eastern states where that kinda of barbaric actions still exist.

My best answer to you is this little thing that the young adults like yourself from midnight ridazz participate in. It is this little thing called *C*R*A*N*K*M*O*B. Unfortunately I heard it doesn't happen anymore. Fortunately I heard it really does and those that put the ride on don't announce it any more. So you will have to look for it. Ask your cruss friends, I hear they are in the know about those type of things. If they don't tell you take it as a hint, they probably don't let you know because they don't want you at the event. Don't be unwelcomed, don't just show up and crash the mob. NOT COOL!

I do understand at this Crank Mob thing that many people had done acts that resulted in lose of virginity or if they hypothetically speaking, where still a virgin would do things that would make them no longer a virgin. I know it is same thing, just not the first time.

I must tell you that this event does come with list of potentials that speak of good things to come or things to come that you may considered something that you are being warned about. I was able to obtain this list that is - can you say - a disclaimer for the ride. Please read it and understand if you show up at this ride any one of these items, all or compilation of these things could happen to you. It read as follows

*C*R*A*N*K*M*O*B may result in death, rebirth, transcendental experience, dream like state, life, lose of virginity, pregnancy, abortion, euphoria, post ride depression(usually only happens when participant doesn't ride bike for an extended period time after wards), hallucinations, seizure, heart disease, high blood pressure, joy, desire to dress like an animal, desire to act and make noises like an animal, alcohol abuse, drug use, homosexuality, heterosexuality, polymorphous sexuality, cuddling, hugging random strangers on the street, randomly telling your friends and acquaintances that you love them , yelling, dancing, chanting, excitability, desires to ride homemade bikes of various shapes, size and formations that could not be purchased from any brick and mortar or online store, singing, more dancing, vomiting, coughing, extended erections, sore breast, swollen testicles, Adult ADHD, dandruff, constipation, diarrhea, increased urination, tinnitus, tendonitis, shoplifting, stabbings, bike jousting, crutches, increase police encounters, fire, even more dancing, confetti, various STD but not limited to Gonorrhea , cytomegalovirus, Syphilis, genital warts (HPV), regular warts (don't kiss any frogs - I have never heard them turn into to Princes, at least not on crank mob) chlamydia, hepatitis (a, b, & c), Herpes (1, 2, & glitter), human papillomavirus (HPV), Lymphogranulom Venereum, Molluscum Contagiosum, Mononucleosis (‘Mono’), Nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Crabs&/orScabies (beware of cuddle puddles), Trichomoniasis (Trich), Vaginitis (slut).

If this or any other suggestions don't work for you. Don't fret, turn that frown upside down. Use it as badge of honor. Get dates with religious girls that wear purity/promise rings (as in promise not to have sex) , get dates with gay church boys who wear promise rings (you will definitely get a bj), use it to impress the girl's business owning father if you are in need of employment. Some people will take the idea that you are keeping your virginity as a challenge and "wa wa wom" problem solved. If you go the challenge route, don't give in too easy, play with it, let them take you to dinner and buy you candies and flowers. Tease them a bit, they will love it more when it finally happens and so will you.

Remember rayrayray. Sex isn't just for pleasure, it is for reproduction. So when it happens, don't waste that seed. Your a good man. The world could use some little rayrayrays running around it. If it happens a second time, remember what the good book says "Spread the seed far and wide" "Go forth, be fruitful and multiply".

Have fun rayrayray. As the SilverLake Ironics say "you only live once" Don't worry we won't ask, we will all see that shade of green gone from your face when it happens.

02.25.14 - 9:48 pm


Roadblock ask why?

Why? is the favorite question of four-year-olds. It is the basic tool for figuring stuff out (constructivist learning).

Why? Why not!

Why? Because I said so!

and everybody's favorite "42"

responding to a comment by Roadblock
02.25.14 - 10:02 pm


Dear Sexy:

You are well known for having trouble finding places. Why do you think some people who are at least ordinarily intelligent, and are perfectly competent in other areas involving simple logic and cognitive mapping, are nevertheless such bad navigators? I mean, you practically drove to Phoenix one time trying to find the Slabs. Your thoughts?


03.19.14 - 3:43 am


Dear Sexy,

Can you please give us a definitive answer as to what happened to Malaysia Flight 370? Was it the Nazis doing? Or did the aliens have a part in this? Someone mentioned it may have somehow ended up in the Bermuda Triangle. Personally, I don't believe that one. Anywho, thanks and try to get to this as soon as possible so the world can carry on with, you know, daily world things.

03.19.14 - 10:43 am


Also, why is there no "LIKE" f(x) on this site? Will MR 2.0 ever see the day of light or will the key holders just keep it to themselves?

03.19.14 - 10:44 am


July ask. If I Can you please give a definitive answer as to what happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

No July I can't tell you what happen to that plane. I could speculate on it, but it would be more of a waste of your time to read what I wrote than it would be for me to write on it. I truly have glossed over it when people talk about it. I hear about it in the background. Two things I heard that when I listen or look what people are assuming that gets glossed over is a Vietnamese worker on oil rig saw a plane go down in flame. Regarding the Bermuda triangle, I did hear people mentioning that a vortex which is similar to what is reported happening in the Bermuda Triangle area does happen in other areas and may have happened in this instance. That this situation happened because of the Sun's activity in regards to weather patterns. I glossed over that but heard it. I study the Bermuda Triangle when I was a tyke. I was year fascinated by it at a young age. Cannot remember everything I read about it back then. I would have to review it to explain it. In the interest of the urgency of your question I'll just post this.

I will give you something that I was introduced to a few years back by being/entity (2010-2012) that speaks through a living human beings. I don't know if you call this channeling or what? The characters is entertaining and insightful so I listened from time to time. This being talked about portals. That humans can go through portals to get to other time periods or parallel worlds. I heard that the TV show Fringe is about this (never watched it). There had been people that have been found dead in walls, where this entity claimed that the human was traveling between different dimension and got stuck in the wall and suicided herself in the wall. (On a side note this being says all death are suicides. That a person makes the conscious decision to go off from this existence to what is called the Guf. The Guf is a place where there is no contrast or resistance so it is blissful. The being states that we come to this world to create. Creation can only result from the contrast and resistant that this world offers. This being also said that the Guf is where we go back and new beings are drawn from. Not reincarnation, think of it like water where all the water molecules are poured into one large container, from that containers new human beings come forth. All of our ideas and unrealized creations go with a person when they go back to the Guf. Those ideas that we didn't make happen and knowledge comes out with another being that comes forth to create. That why are little young ones - those fresh from source can adapt to our new technology so easily. ) This entity also spoke of a plane that has done this before. All of the people in this plane decided to go off into a parallel universe. This being/entity had all sorts of examples of this. This one girl testified to burning herself in a dream, (she called it a parallel universe travel) to prove to herself that she was at this other world when she woke up (returned to this universe from another parallel universe travels).

Is all that true. I don't know. I do know we make much if not all of the decisions to create the world that we live in. I more we come to realizing that we create our realities the more we will come to creating a world in which we could really enjoy living in. Free of strife, hurtfulness and lack.

Hope that satisfies your need for an answer. The answer you are looking for? I doubt it, but I love and appreciate that you asked Sexy and you gave me to the opportunity to write about it.

03.19.14 - 1:46 pm


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03.19.14 - 2:55 pm


PC wants to know why I can't find my way out of a paper bag.

OhaiPC. Long time since you pointed out one of my faults, what has it been? Three days now. I like how you pointed out that I have "at least ordinarily intelligent". Of course that hasn't about me it, it was a generalization about people like me that are " such bad navigators". Well I can't speak for all the other people with ordinary intelligence, ( I don't think you would want to read something about other people from somebody with ordinary intelligence.)

I can only write about myself. For me it is many different reasons. It might be that I was so accustomed to knowing where I was going, as I discovered new places I didn't take note of where I'm at. The worst part of this is when I'm out and want to have somebody join me. I know how to get there yet I can't tell somebody how to get there themselves. Such a bummer. I never think about taking note of where I am. I just enjoy the ride and live in the moment. When I only rode a bicycle, I would usually have a route planned out before leaving. If I was winging where I was going on a bicycle, it was much easier because I was going slower and could feel it out, not so much in a car they travel so much faster. It probably is something I should work on or maybe prepare before leaving on a journey to a destination(did you like that album? - of course you didn't it never existed, but is sounds as if it should have been one of theirs). Time past I would be on my phone and forget where I was going (don't use that phone too much anymore). As for the Slabs, I think a truck blocked the exit sign and I was none the wiser. I just kept looking for the sign til I realized I was close to AZ and had probably gone too far. I use a navigator that I pirated and I think the company I pirated it from purposely gives me bad directions to mess with me for using it for free. Why would they do that and not just cut it off? They probably are not doing that. But I tend to think they are because I'm just crazy. Did you hear me CRAZY!

The quick answer to your question is that people who have ordinary intelligence who have bad navigation skills are just not paying attention. At least that is the case with me. Next time I call you for directions, you can chastise me for not concentrating or planning out my trip to the destination you are at. That destination that I am most likely going to, to see you specifically.

responding to a comment by PC
03.20.14 - 1:29 pm


July would like to know if there will ever be a "LIKE" f(x) on this site? He also asked
Will MR 2.0 ever see the day of light or will the key holders just keep it to themselves?

Hello again July.

It is spring again and you know what that means? That right, summers coming up right after and we get that hot month of your name. I'm looking forward to it. I hope you are too.

I did have this discussion with the owner/operator of Midnightridazz.com. I asked him a very similar question. It was a very interesting series of responses I got back. I don't remember all of the specifics of his answer. I do remember the general point of his response is that the technology and programing that would allow “LIKE” and other similar functions that sites like FB offer is very power. Being very powerful meaning that is very expensive. He went into the details and said it would take lots of money to to make that happen. So I don't see it changing anytime soon. That is unless somebody wants to donate their time and money to make it happen. I think the key holder would be open to that, yet I don't see that happening.

I personally like it the way it is on this site. It takes a little effort to place a comment or photo on here, so I think the person who does post on here has something they truly want the readers to see. The like button on FB is really easy. Actually the whole site is very easy. Really too easy. If you do like something that somebody wrote on this site I would suggest you write out how you feel about it. A simple “I like that” would be nice (remember to reference where it is coming from). It means so much more. Think of it as going back to writing a handwritten thank you note. To me those “likes” on fb seem so hollow.

Glad to see you are still using this still July.

responding to a comment by July
03.20.14 - 2:42 pm



Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by sexy
03.20.14 - 6:14 pm



responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
03.21.14 - 8:05 pm


Dear Sexy,

04.6.14 - 8:39 am



Joe Borfo
04.6.14 - 4:51 pm


Oh no I'm back on!

04.6.14 - 11:46 pm


Dear sexy,
How do waterless urinals work?

04.27.14 - 9:22 pm


Hastagineeddoneinmygarge ask How do waterless urinals work?

I don't think they do. Those things stink. Although I like the bee logo!

responding to a comment by mandingo
04.29.14 - 1:36 am


Dear Sexy:

Piketty or Graeber?

Messenger bag or panniers?

Vegan bread or gluten-free bread or just cut out grains altogether?



05.14.14 - 4:23 am


PC ask;

Piketty or Graeber?

Messenger bag or panniers?

Vegan bread or gluten-free bread or just cut out grains altogether?

Hi Pc.

After seeing you and your lovely last time, I have made a conscious decision not to answer these question with the aid of a search engine.
Well you got me with the first one. I wasn't familiar with either. So I had to cheat, to at least see what you are talking about.

Limey or Frog you ask? I have not been studying economic philosophy for about 4 months now. I have been enthralled with etymology (gosh I have greatly needed that)
natural law, and non violent communication currently. Economics don't seem to matter as much after learning those last two.

I looked at the Wiki pages for both white men. I like Graeber IWW shirt. I do like the fact he is an out on the street activist, yet I don't know what he actually did in organizing the Occupy Wall Street movement? It reads that he facilitated meetings and that he is a professor at the University of Bonesmen, so on those two point I have my suspicion detectors on for this guy or as Mike Wally would say SUSPECT. Also I take issue with somebody who would use the violent word "stupid" in a talk or title
(referencing is speech"Beyond Power/Knowledge: an exploration of the relation of power, ignorance and stupidity")(although I haven't heard or read the speech yet -YES FOLKS Sexy judges a talk by it's title).
I should take the time to read it or listen to it..

I disagree with Rolling Stones crediting Graeber (or Stigler) with creating the 99% meme. I would credit that phrase or at least the first time I heard it being used and made popular was by a one percenter by birth Mr. Jaime Johnson and the his 2006 "The One Percent" documentary.

Judging by not knowing anything about him except the wiki pages explanation of his family history, employment and activism. I don't trust the dude. SUS

Now on to Kermit. It say he purposes a global wealth tax. Yeah!! Thats great buddy. Who is going to collect and how is it going to be reallocated? RED FLAG
Taught at MIT Military Industrial Training (the rest of you call it Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Another red flag.

I'll stop because with the criticism because I am giving it to Piketty. Why because if you look at his name fast and not pronounce it, it looks like pinky. That is a winner for me. He is Gen X'er like ourselves (the other is on the cusp of Baby Boomer and they can have him) so of course Piketty is more desirable. Gen Xers RULE!
Why else? Because Gary told me about his book. You know the book that is said to state the obvious but he has enormous amount data to back it up.
It is Wednesday night. Wouldn't you know "theroyalacademy" posted a picture of Arc de Triomphe for tonight Passage ride and that is enough for me. Frenchy wins!

Thanks for sharing the names with me. I wouldn't bother with either of them.

On to Messenger bags or panniers?

Depend on the person and how it is being used and where it is being used. I never used a messenger bag. I prefer the Vaude backpack I sport.
I'll go with panniers. I always wanted them and never had them yet { (birthday ideas) that means I will have to have a party for you to bring me a gift}.
I would think the only problem with those would be balancing out the weight. I would think it would be awkward with the extra weight on one side only.

Vegan bread or gluten-free bread or just cut out grains altogether?

Who em I to tell you what to eat? I would suggest people cut out grains altogether but that is me. Gluten Free breads that I have encountered and eaten have been nasty
and have ingredients that people should avoid in them. If you must have one or the other, I would suggest the Vegan bread. Vegans know how to get real creative in their food preparations. The end results of those foods or meals are usually extra yummy. My mouth is getting wet thinking about all the vegan creations I have ate in the past.

The good news is that we have massive food production at this time. Human grain consumption is not necessary in this day and age, especially with us rich Americans. We can get rich calories from other sources at affordable price (if you are working at, at least 50% above the minimum wage) to satisfy our nutritional needs without having to consume grain (sans meat and dairy from grain feed animals).
If you do eat dairy and meat, I would I strongly suggest a person purchase those animal products that have been grass feed. (HA somebody suggested we start eating meat that was feed with marijuana - truly grass feed beef)

Thanks for the questions PC. Come again! :)

if you are curious about what really interest me these days, check this out. Don't worry it won't rick roll ya. LOL!

responding to a comment by PC
05.14.14 - 4:56 pm


OK, OK, I know Piketty is kind of suddenly famous but I figured you would be familiar with David Graeber's stuff.

Everybody tells me I should try panniers, especially in the summer and for longer trips, but my SKIDMARCUSurly is one of the earlier models that doesn't have the braze-ons for a rack and I've been too lazy and preoccupied to try to cheat one on there.


responding to a comment by sexy
05.16.14 - 1:57 pm


My smaller Vaude is having zipper issues. I might have to switch up to my larger one. The large one was the pack I once had (but lost it along with that great flags or world scarf in it). You are welcome to try it out. It will solve the sweaty back or two much weight on the back issues. Myself and Lars swear by them. Perfect for riding in the bent over position. Terrible for walking or hiking. Getting an older one with the cage to keep the pack off your back is a must. Without it you might as well just get any backpack.

05.16.14 - 9:13 pm


Front side Vaude

05.16.14 - 9:13 pm


How do manage to be such a wind bag and still remain relatively charming?

Joe Borfo
05.16.14 - 10:52 pm


thank you joe. That is such a nice thing to say. I get it from Uncle Nick and the late beauty queen Mary Ann.

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
05.17.14 - 7:34 pm


Ever thought of doing your own task show? How about killradio? Comon! Oh yeah!

Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by sexy
05.19.14 - 8:56 am


Hey Joe. Of course I thought about doing my own Task show.

Many of times I have thought about it. I have recorded a bunch of stuff already. I need to get some new computer equipment to edit it. My one computer that still works is very temperamental. I meant a person recently who would have been great to work with that wanted to do a show with me but I don't think the person was so serious about it as I was. These recordings will happen in the near future. I am reading some books and working on my proper voice techniques so I don't tire and sound the best I can.

KILLRADIO is awesome. Good news is all of us with a decent computer and microphone, can develop the skill to create a show and post it up on the web and promote it. I wouldn't necessarily have to travel to that station to do such a show. I might even be able to record it and send it in and have friend play it on that station. So many options.

I'm looking forward to one day having you as a guest to talk about solar power, fathering, alternative relationship( reverse Brokeback mountain ala SF) costume design, trolling, alter ego web personality, life as ROTY many years over, and general buffoonery. I hope we can do it at your home complete with interruptions from those fresh from source demonstrating how you handle the little ones.

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
05.19.14 - 3:32 pm



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