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Life is better now!

And Dave, I can't have an opinion around here? Why is mine considered
any different?

No, you can't have an opinion when you know it all. Its not a opinion at that
point, it's a fact.

03.17.09 - 4:20 pm

Didn't know Borfo was into poo poo, did you?

I make some shit way bettwer.
beter than cyper even.

Joe Borfo
03.19.09 - 4:31 am

Latest news! As of 05/28/09 I am a ordained Reverend!! My professional
name is Reverend Yusur Whon! You can also refer to me as Your Holiness too. :-)

OK so peeps are starting to ask me what my powers are since I'm now
Reverend Yusur Whon, professional ordained reverend. No problem, fair
question. Well let me give you a small sample of my abilities for you. In
this example below, you'll quickly find out if you're a believer, or if you're destine to
live a life of eternal damnation. You start out staring at the dot in the center
of the USA flag more than 30 seconds; now you quickly turn your eyes
towards some white spot - for example: your celling, a wall, piece of
paper… What do you see? Did see o' glory in all her proud and triumphant
colors? No? Then you're either destine for a life of misery, a commie,
or both!

If you did see o' glory, then you have nothing to fear but the warth of god
upon this earth.


Are you man enough for this gun soldier?

When you're in the theater of war, our patriots count on you. Don't let
them down. Finish the job, or don't come home!

I think we got a couple more, huh Frank?

It's about time we do a version of this that will reflect the bus capacity of LA buses, yeah?

Residents of LA saw the passage of Measure R in '08. It was a measure to
expand our transportation lines in LA county. This is what they voted for.
Now let's get it built!

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