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The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time #285: Rock, Rock, Rocket Ride


One or more persons during a certain period drop their usual motives for movement and action, their relations,
their work and leisure activities, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the
encounters they find there.

It's a bike ride.

Started by user nathansnider and user theroyalacademy.

It meets every Wednesday at 8:30pm at California Donuts #21.
We ride at 9pm.

The week, we meet on Saturday at 8:15 in the morning, at Union Station. The train leaves at 8:45!

On the sixth year of this bike ride, you might expect:
- more inconvenient passageways
- more full moon picnics
- perhaps more "cover" versions of other people's rides, performed with amateurish enthusiasm
- certainly more amateurish enthusiasm
- disorientation
- reorientation
- pool halls
- bowling alleys
- dance parties
- karaoke
- imaginary histories
- scavenging for fun and sustenance
- more geocaching
- more oblique strategies
- more Oulipian constraints
- traffic median tea parties

- A medium pace (maybe not for beginners; certainly not a hustle)
- We're not in a rush; we don't need to run every light.
- Maybe some distance;maybe some hills
- Victory donuts!

This week:

Rock, Rock, Rocket Ride

Saturday, February 7, 2015
Meet at Union Station at 8:15am
Antelope Valley Metrolink train departs at 8:45am

***PLEASE NOTE: According to the most recent forecasts, rain is looking increasingly likely for tomorrow.
Long stretches of the route are on steep and/or rocky terrain that would be dangerous (or at least not very fun)
in the rain. The ride is still on, but if the weather turns against us, we may need to skip some of the more
ambitious portions. Thank you for your understanding.***

The rocks were first, of course. The rockets came later and, for a while, quite stole the show. But though the
rocks did not give us fireworks or space flight or grand metaphors for technological progress, they also did not
give us decades of toxic waste dumping and Cold War paranoia. So they've got that going for them--that and
the fact that they're still around, while the rockets (those upstarts) are long gone. Ah, good old persistent,
chemically inert rocks. Stay heavy, rocks; stay round...

This week, as we conclude our winter series of out-of-town rides, it seems only fitting that we finish with a
return (both figurative and literal) to the donut shop--so that is what we will do, visiting both rock- and rocket-
relevant sites along the way. It's a long way, we know, but it'll make the victory donuts that much sweeter!

(63* miles, about 10 of which are unpaved; two large hills and a few smaller ones.)


- We are continuing (and concluding) our series of weekend daytime rides, so there was no ride on
Wednesday, February 4.

- As noted above, we will be meeting on SATURDAY this week AT UNION STATION at 8:15 IN THE
MORNING and catching the 8:45am Antelope Valley Metrolink train to Sylmar. We'll gather in the corridor with
the ramps to the tracks and head up to the train together shortly before it departs. PLEASE BE ON TIME and
purchase your ticket before you meet up with us. Weekend day passes are $10. If you miss the train, you are
out of luck!

- It is not uncommon for many of the ticket machines to be out of order, resulting in ridiculously long queues.
Do not expect to show up at the station 5 minutes before the train and be able to make it on.

- The ride is starting at the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink station, so if you want to meet us there, our train
will arrive around 9:16am. Be there on time; we will not be waiting. And of course, if you are planning to return
to Sylmar, you'll have to find your own way back, as the ride ends at California Donuts in Koreatown.

- The route is 63 miles, with multiple, long off-road portions. Expect some hiking. If you wear cleated road bike
shoes on the offroad portions of this ride, they may be unhappy with you, or vice versa.

- There will be a lunch stop around mile 32, sometime in early-mid afternoon. Bring a lock!

- Shortly after the lunch stop, our route passes by the Canoga Park station on the Metro Orange Line, which
you may use as a bailout point.

- As noted above, we'll end up back at the donut shop, probably after dark, so unless you are certain you'll be
leaving us at the Orange Line, bring lights!

- Bring water; bring snacks; bring sunscreen; bring extra layers of clothing.

- This is the fourth and final ride in our series of once-monthly, weekend, daytime rides this winter. It has been
great fun!

*You may, if you like, call this a metric century, 63 miles being rather close to 100 kilometers (also 500
furlongs, 220,000 cubits, or 18.25 leagues, for that matter), but for consistency, we'll stick with the imperial
measurement, as the use of inconsistent units has historically not gone so well for other craft.

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