Ridazz Roulette!

The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time #270: Spooky Moon Picnic


One or more persons during a certain period drop their usual motives for movement and action, their relations,
their work and leisure activities, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the
encounters they find there.

It's a bike ride.

Started by user nathansnider and user theroyalacademy.

It meets every Wednesday at 8:30pm at California Donuts #21.
We ride at 9pm.
We'll endeavor to return before the last red line trains (around midnight).

On the sixth year of this bike ride, you might expect:
- more inconvenient passageways
- more full moon picnics
- perhaps more "cover" versions of other people's rides, performed with amateurish enthusiasm
- certainly more amateurish enthusiasm
- disorientation
- reorientation
- pool halls
- bowling alleys
- dance parties
- karaoke
- imaginary histories
- scavenging for fun and sustenance
- more geocaching
- more oblique strategies
- more Oulipian constraints
- traffic median tea parties

- A medium pace (maybe not for beginners; certainly not a hustle)
- We're not in a rush; we don't need to run every light.
- Maybe some distance;maybe some hills
- Victory donuts!

This week:

Spooky Moon Picnic

(**yes, it is an actual picnic this week; bring food to share!**)
(**also: we will be leaving on time from now on; see announcement below!**)

As the story goes, it was in 1504 near the end of his final journey to the Americas that Christopher Columbus
tried to pass for a god. He could no longer pass for a governor, as his previous journey had ended in disgrace,
with him being stripped of his title and sent back to Spain in chains (some minor misunderstandings, you see,
about his making exaggerated claims of riches to entice new colonists to Hispaniola, or maybe his habit of
killing and/or dismembering anyone who disagreed with him; one of those things).

But there he was, somehow back in the New World, stranded on Jamaica, being refused help by both the new
governor on Hispaniola (who had decided that Columbus was a total jerk) and the natives (who were sick of
his crew hanging around eating all their food). So Columbus worked his last successful hustle by convincing
the natives that he could make the moon turn red with wrath and that they had better start feeding his men, or
else. And it worked, thanks to a navigational chart that Columbus had on hand to predict the eclipse of
February 29, 1504.

This week, we are predicting that the moon will turn red with spookiness (because it is October) around 3am
Wednesday morning, which means that you had better bring food to the ride, for picnicking!

(under 20 miles; one hill; one picnic on top of that hill; some unpaved riding, but nothing like last week)

**ANNOUNCEMENT**: Though our schedule has drifted over the years, we've decided that from now on, the
ride will be starting on time (meaning 9pm) rather than "on time" (meaning 9:15 or thereabouts). We would
much rather have those 15 minutes to spend at the end of the night rather than the beginning. So please show
up by 9 if you want to make the ride. Thank you!

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