Ridazz Roulette!



What’s your name (optional) and/or your Midnight Ridazz log-in name?

Eric "e-rock" Colton

How did you first hear about Midnight Ridazz and what was your first group bike ride?

I first heard about MR through a friend at UCLA when I moved to LA 3 years ago. After scouring the forums my first ride was Pier Pressure.

Currently what rides do you attend regularly and what ride(s) would you like to see make a comeback?

I'm one of the organizers and leaders for Cubcamp, the weekly fast exploring ride out of the Bikerowave on Thursday nights. I'd like to see Westsidazz rides make a comeback, and viva la Pier Pressure!

What advice would you pass on to new ridazz?

Ride safe, have fun, stay to the right, cars are big. Carry a pump, lock, patch kit and water all the time.

If you were leading a group ride, what would you do differently?

More moving less stopping

Do you prefer small rides (30 or less people) or larger rides and why?

I prefer smaller rides because you really get to know the people you're riding with, and you can sometimes get away with more shenanigans. Oh, how I love shenanigans...

Tell us about the best and worst experience you’ve encountered on a group ride.

Best experiences happen all the time when I'm surprised by how awesome of a community we have in LA. Unfortunately there's always downer moments when people get dropped, crash or have their bikes stolen, but I've never been witness to something truly horrible

What did you do for fun before you started “riding”?

Rock climbing, race sail boats, draw a lot, and... well ride my bike...

What’s the best and worst thing group bike rides have done for cycling as a whole in Los Angeles?

Group rides have helped to organize some powerful forces to help make LA aware of our presence and the need to focus infrastructure improvements on increasing the safety of bike riders throughout the county. But, at the same time the size of rides has caused a lot of friction between the various groups that use LA's roads to get around.

If you can name 1 person who embodies the spirit of “Midnight Ridazz”, Who would it be and Why?

Pizza Wolf

What do you think the public’s perception is of group bike rides?

Either they're too big and chaotic, or, why am I not there having such an awesome time. It's a really polarized perception.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Ride bikes, they're awesome. Race bikes, you'll learn something new about yourself that you didn't think was possible.


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