Ridazz Roulette!

GLENDALE to All-City Toy Ride!


lets practice philanthrope and donate to a good cause everybuddy.

last years all city toy ride was a blast!same meeting spot and a awesome warehouse afterparty.please be responsible and dont drink and bike too much.all party favors are at your own recognizance.

we will stop by a rite aid/walgreen/cvs and pick up some yo-yos,rubick cubes,hot wheels,barbies etc......lets give!

dont be discouraged by lack of funds.we will donate in your name!come out and ride!g-ride spoke cards---->

invites to all the Glendale regulars of the past,present and future.we welcome all new booties.if you have a big butt let me hear you saw yeah!put that bike between your legs we are riding to downtown los angeles!

we will be meeting at the now infamous Rallys in Glendale at 8pm.if youve ridden with us before you know they tolerate our large presense.departure will be between 8:45 and 9pm for toy collection and meet up at plaza olvera.

as always,brings all essentials to fix a flat and money for them tacos!

Posted by steven