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FML Training Ride (Westside)


This will be a training ride designed to prepare for Feel My Legs, I'm a Racer 2009 on March 14th. HILL INTERVALS is the theme here and so we will be climbing some short steep ones on the westside. The format will be similar to the event on March 14th in that we will be riding to each hill, waiting to gather everyone, climbing to the top, waiting to gather everyone, riding together to the next hill, repeat..... Anyone is welcome on any bike you want and you can and should experiment with your ride here. The hills will not be as steep but they can and may wreck you if you take it lightly, so have fun!

We will be LEAVING the Ballona Creek Bridge at 9am.

When: March 7th

Meet: LEAVING from Ballona Creek Bridge at 9am.

Duration: Ride for 2hrs (stages, not riding the entire time)

Distance: Mileage to be determined

We invite you to Feel My Legs!!

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Posted by Brian