Ridazz Roulette!

Midnight Ridazz - 3rd Annual All City Toy Ride


Friday, December 12th 2008

All Rides will converge at 10pm at the Olvera St Gazebo in Downtown Los Angeles.
Please check with the closest meet up point to see what time they are meeting.

Its that time of the year again! Midnight Ridazz 3rd Annual All City Toy Ride!
The riding cheer will spread once more.
For this ride we ask that all participants bring one new un-wrapped toy/gift valued between $5-$25. Toys will be donated to charity.

ALL CITY. You know how Midnight Ridazz does it. From the Valley to the SGV to Long Beach to the south side to West Los to East Los. We ride all city on this night for the kids.

We will have an after party in Downtown Los Angeles. Music, beer and tamales(vegan as well)!!!

About the After Party:
150 people max indoors at a time.
There is beer but not for minors.
Smoking outdoors only.
Put litter in the trash/ recycling.
Use the outhouses.

If everybody does these things and politely reminds any fellow ridazz who might be new or too faded to remember the ridazz code, we will have a great party!


North East Los Angeles (Highland Park):
Metro GoldLine Station on Ave 57.
Mr.T's Bowl Parking Lot.
Meet at 8:30pm
Depart at 9pm
http://www.gmap- pedometer.com/?r=2338240


West Los Angeles (Culver City)
Helms Bakery Parking Lot
Venice Blvd. a block or 2 east from National
Meet at 8pm.
Depart at 8:30pm Sharp!
http://www.gmap- pedometer.com/?r=2340431


North Hollywood (Valley)
NoHo Park
Tujunga and Magnolia
Meet at 7pm.
Depart at 8pm.


Pasadena, Sierra Madre Villa Goldline Station
Pedestrian Bridge Level near the elevators
Meet at 7:30pm
Depart at 8pm


East Hollywood/Silverlake
Bicycle District
Melrose & Heliotrope
Meet at 8:30pm
Depart at 9pm


Long Beach
City Hall between the city hall and library
Meet at 7pm
Depart at 7:45pm


Google Group:

Message Board (click here to discuss this ride.)

Contact info for this ride: funanu@hotmail.com


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