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Red Box Shuttle Ride


This is a shuttle mountain bike ride without a big dumb truck. Also a Swarm! endeavor.

We meet at JPL parking lot Sunday July 13th at 8am. A group is riding road bikes up Angeles Crest to Red Box. This includes Jack with a rocklobster set-up that can pull two mountain bikes and/or Max on his Big Dummy that will carry one or two mountain bikes. Another group will trail run up to Red Box via the Gabrieleno trail or Mount Lowe dirt road. At the top we grab our mountain bikes from Jack and Max and ride the trails down! A third group is riding mountain bikes up and back down with us. Everyone gets good training AND no bullshit trucks.

Want to come along? You can ride road up, run up with us or mountain bike up and back down. There are quite a few options, really. This is a work in progress. Jack may forget he has a track race, Max may fall asleep and I may have underestimated trail running uphill ten miles. Either way, an adventure. Join us if you like, just leave the motor vehicle at home.

Logistics: We are meeting at JPL at 8am and hope to leave soon after. A few of us will probably do the Gold Line to Pasadena and ride over from Memorial Park. We'll be on a train around 7am to still make JPL at 8.

JPL parking lot map

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