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Tern of the Century


Tern of the Century Ride

Tern is leaving for an extended trip to the East Coast, and we’re throwing a going away ride and party for him.

Saturday, June 14

Meet at Echo Park Lake at 9:30 am (yes, am)

Roll out at 10 am sharp

We will follow the classic “Dark Century” course through Hollywood, L.A., Vernon, the L.A. River bike path, Long Beach, the San Gabriel River bike path, Duarte, Pasadena, Highland Park, Echo Park.

Kind of a daylight dark century ride.

Total distance is about 104 miles and we will be riding at a brisk clip (15-19 mph) most of the way.

At the conclusion of the ride (most likely around 8 pm), there will be a double century (200 minutes) party at a to-be-announced location. You do not have to do the ride to attend the party.

Special notes to century ridazz:

100 miles in a day on a bike is never an easy ride. No matter how fit you are or how slow we ride, it will be a major effort. If you have never ridden 100 miles in a day, and have not ridden 70 miles comfortably within the last two months, this ride is probably not for you.

We especially love first timers, but please, be prepared. We welcome everyone and we will not leave anyone behind, but for the sake of a good pace for the majority of the ridazz, seriously consider your ability to do this before committing yourself.

This being a day ride on the cusp of summer, you will need to be prepared for heat. Coat yourself with sun block and bring two full water bottles. We will make stops where you can buy more water, Gatoraid and food, but plan to be self contained. There is one 18 mile stretch and one 40 mile stretch where there will be no easy access to services.

Bring food with you. You will need to eat regularly during the ride. Bananas, Powerbars, PBJ sandwiches, cookies and M&Ms are all good. We will stop at a grocery store in Long Beach for a food break at about the 45 mile mark.

Eat a good breakfast before the ride too.

Other items to bring:

Two extra inner tubes that fit your wheels. There may or may not be blood, but there will be flats, I promise you.

A foldable extra tire that fits your wheels.

A working pump and/or enough co2 to fill two tires. The pump is the better option.

A patch kit (make sure the kit has fresh patches and the tube of glue is not dried up).

Pry bars and a multitool


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