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City on Lockdown is an urban bike messenger event that will bring the cycling community and race

enthusiast together. This will be a three
day event, with a point system building up through each day.

When each day is over, we will be giving out prizes for the top 3 female and
top 3 male
Bike racers (fixed geared) can build points by coming in top 3 in each event to win
the overall
prize on
You can race track or road,whichever one you decide. The
overall prize is only
for the Track
King and Track Queen, to hold the title of City

Day one
will have two
races, a Criterium Race at the Rose Bowl, (to see
some of the fastest sprinters) and an
Alleycat in DTLA (to
know your city better). The
second day will be a road stage. The race
starts in downtown and will
go around Los Angeles.
The course will
have sprint and climber
check points. At the finish line, food
and drinks will
be provided to the registrants as well as host fun
side events for
everyone to participate

in. The third day is the main event, which will consist of a
three hour race in DTLA to see who has the
city on

lockdown. Head over to the Five Star for our
annual Día de los Muertos party with
bands, food and
Pre-Registration [for all three
days] is $25 online, at
www.ticketor.com/cityonlockdown3 or
$30, if you show up at Golden saddle to


If you\\\'re under the age of 18 bring a legal
guardian to sign a waiver in order for
you to
All registered racers will receive a T-shirt, patch,
koozie, spoke card, race number

(that you need to race with) and wristband for free food.


Thursday November 2
Golden saddle registration

Friday November 3
Group ride to the Rose Bowl. Meet at The Bridge
10:00 am, roll out

Rose Bowl crit Registration at 12:00. Race will start at 1:00pm. Road bike

racers are welcomed to race for prizes but are not
eligible in the overall point
category racers will have one hot lap to earn extra points towards the overall
three day title.

After, group ride back to downtown

The alleycat will start at
Echo Park.
Registration is at

Race starts at 7:00pm.
After it is over, we
will be giving out prizes for the criterium
alleycat winners

DAY 2, Saturday
November 4
Road stage will start at The
Bridge.Registration is at 12:00 pm, rollout at 1:00
pm.Track and Road bike will race together on the course.

the overall Track title,extra
points will be given to the 1st, 2nd,& 3rd place track racers that
the sprint and climbers

We will have food for the registrants at Angel’s
Point at the
end of the
race.If you’re trying to win the overall title you will have the chance to
more points on

tracks skids,foot down and the track stand competition. Prizes will be given out after for
road stage
and side

DAY 3, Sunday November 5
Main event

Registration at
12:00 pm at The
Bridge. Race starts at 1:00pm sharp. You\\\'re going to need a U-Lock
messenger bag to race. Each
racer will have 3 hours to complete as many manifests before

the time runs out. To finish the race head
back to the bridge and turn in all
completed manifests

that you did. Make sure your race number and
your name is on the manifests. Whomever
completes the
manifests will win this main event.
Each completed manifest will grant
track racers points
towards the overall title to see who has the City

On LockDown!!

Our annual Dia de
los Muertos after party will be at the Five Star bar, co-hosted
by Al
Trochi Mochi serving their famous
vegan pozole. Live
music, awards and stay tuned for more!

If you want to be a
volunteer or sponsor, please let us know at

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