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ART crash


Art Crash April 1st, 2017

Art Crash on “April Fool’s Day”? It’s not a prank. We made a very special Piñata to commemorate the ride.

The “Fool” as we call our new friend doesn’t necessary represent us but rather those who don’t ride bikes in

a place that couldn’t be more suited for their general use. The ‘Fool” will face the same fate as do all of our

Piñatas …. She will be smashed to pieces, burned and turned to ashes.

We would like to make an open request. Please bring items to fill her up. There will be spoke card vouchers

within her contents but if you think that that’s not enough please contribute.

This is a slow moving ride so please stay behind the sound pack! People tend to get confused about the

pace when people race ahead and it’s not a race and the people racing upfront getting confused about the

direction because they do not know the route. Let’s try and keep it together. Stay behind the sound pack.

We meet at 4:30 pm and roll at 5:15 sharp at LACMA Urban Lights.

We have various gallery openings in mind which we think might be cool but that is subjective to the viewer.

About Art Crash

Art takes on many forms. The asphalt we roll on is our canvas. Every ride on it is yet another brush stroke

and on these streets we create a masterpiece. The cross roads of contemporary art and the performance art

of LA street cycling intersect at “Art Crash”.

Along for the ride

will be the usual sound system. We will roll to a number of gallery openings, visiting Galleries on the way and

will return to the start point. The total mileage is approximately 20+ at a moderate pace.

What to Bring:

A camera (there have been celebrity photo ops in the past), ulock, extra tubes, tools and a good attitude.

What not to Bring:

A bad attitude, destructive behavior and or malicious intentions. The Art Police will not tolerate this kind of



Bike riding has its inherent risks as do all modes of transportation including but not limited to travel by

automobile, train, aircraft, watercraft, horseback, camelback or foot. This ride is open to the general public

and those who choose to participate knowingly assume all personal liability in doing so.


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