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I love LA. why? everytime i come up i swear something causes me 2 laugh my ass off this time it happened on Aug 29 friday nite the Hollywood blvd ride i was sitting in trafffic when the confusion began i wasnt sure what was going on and a group of college aged kids in a car beside me looked as dumbfounded as myself then it happened first u hear the whistles then the bikes bikes as different as the riders on them all riding in unionson i then look at the college kid in the car beside he looks at me and with great conviction he states " CRAZY MAN" "CRAZY! " this guy along with i'm sure other motorists really thought these people had lost their fuckin minds and just then i began 2 laugh and didnt stop for quite some time im even laughing now so anyways. I HAD 2 find MORE OF WHAT I HAD WITNESSED wtf is this??? and where 2 u sign UP??????? NOCLUESHU