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The (San Diego) Electric Warriors is a night to escape the confines of cars, it is a night to behold our city, to savor the air in our face, to feel the ground beneath our wheels, to know that there is something more to San Diego than tourist attractions and over priced condos. The Electric Warriors is a group for friends, to make friends, to be with friends. The Electric Warriors is for everyone who knows San Diego is much more beautiful on a bike, it is for everyone who wants to unite and spend one night laughing, being boisterous and jovial, connecting, and most importantly feeling something other than the daily dredge of life. The Electric Warriors is a movement to take back the streets, if not just for one night, at least forever in our memories.

The Electric warriors is a group designed to bring together all of San Diego bike people under the common goal of fun. Many of you have ridden with other groups, many of you have not. This group is for the sole purpose of friendship, to motivate others to bike more often, and of course to have fun. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly bike rides.