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Ride or Die!! I race road, and I recreationally ride a track bike! I long for one hour climbs and dream of cranking out a 53/11 on a flat newley paved road, I look forward to rubbing shoulders during a crit and am always ready to break away from the pack in a road race. I love training, spinning, intervals, group rides, time trials, commuting, rolling up my pant leg, riding in the drops w/legs hugging the top tube, pulling on the hoods climbing up Mt. Baldy, I never mind to pull the group, love the looks of a single file pace line, ksyrium sl's, zig zagging down the street l, bianchi, cervelo, 20 miles rides, and centuries to boot. 20 speeds, uno speed, Lupe (R.I.P.) and Mia, and the baby on the way (PISTA)!! Yeah I like bikes!!