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Rocked here from east coast time Connecticut 9-07,to pursue one of my dreams,What else acting.Am currently an extra and sustaining a living on it solely so not to bad.I am getting noticed as well.A bit wild at times but!! not as bad as i used to be ,age i suppose.;(Met a cool dude when i got here fresh off the boat (Howard at Athena Cycles) "you rule Howard".I am an avid biker road and trail.I own a 1997 GT STS 1 Carbon Fiber Nuclear matrix frame design full suspension mountain bike and a 2003 Greg Lamond Nevada city Road bike with carbon forks.Both real movers and lookers.I am the dude who gives you the shirt off his back and freezes to death beacuse of it.Mario is a guy who's there when needed.ROCK ON and don't let the pavement kiss ya!!!