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Hello I was born and raised in Hollywood. Music is my therapy and sometimes my bike, but she's been sitting in the garage all covered up so the dust wont settle on it. I think its about time to pull the cover off of it and start ridiiing. The funny thing is the first time I saw Ridazz I went to my psychiatrist and told him that I think I might be Schizophrenic. He asked me what did you see. I told him that I saw about 500 people on bicycles screaming out "Bike Wars". This was the second time I saw this making me question whether the first time was real and the second was all in my head. The third time I saw Ridazz riders I was sitting at Denny's and my friend said "hey look at those bikers" and I didnt know what to say so I guess this was all not a hallucination after all. I still think Im Schizo, but anyways looking forward to riding and meeting new people.