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Cycledelics, who are we? we are the toughest bicycle gang to ever form in Riverside California. Our typical rides consist of knife fights, breaking windows out of abandoned buildings, slashing tires of automobiles and breaking multiple laws. We listen to really loud music wayyy passed 10pm and wake up after 2pm. That's just how we rock 'n roll. Rules of the Cycledelics: 1. No riding on the Sidewalk 2. Never litter (mother nature is not our waste basket) 3. No cycledelic is left behind 4. Keep it sexy When caught in a jam and there's no way out, refer to rule #4. Members of the Cycledelics: Snake, Bleachrazorbadmotherfuckertuffguy aka Scars, Tom Cruise also known as Couch, Grizzly, Wise Guy, Bubbles, Jesus, Sailor, Not in the face aka.Face, Maria (name coming soon), Dirt, Cocker first name Jarvis, Zorro, Die Harderer, Train Wreck Mr. Brown