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I began riding when I was a wee tike and beginning at 7 and would sneek out of the house every morning before school and ride my bike for miles and miles in Long Beach. I never lost the love of two wheels. I would bike all through junior high, high school and college. While my bike riding days would be hit and miss, i would always return to the spectacle and health of two wheels. Then living in Brea my car got me in trouble with the law...speeding on the way to race my car at a track...lost my license for 30 days and had to ride my bike to work in Buena Park, which was not as close as it had been, but little did I know that my 30 minute car ride with traffic would turn into a 45 minute bike ride where you don't have to wait in traffic. That was 2005. Today I ride at least 100 miles a week, bike everyday to work and take public transportation with my bike as much as possible. Many think I am crazy for biking so much...but hey...aren't we all in some way...