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Doyle Diamond has been a loyal member of Team Bearclaw ever since he had the incredible fortune to see Chet Bearclaw in person... Doyle was on a blind double-date (just him and two chicks) in a seedy, smokey, karaoke bar. Chet Bearclaw stepped onto the stage and called for silence... he got it. A Celine Dion tune started playing. Bearclaw OWNED it. Doyle got so pumped he headbutted the waitress. She was not hurt but she was stunned... by how incredible Chet Bearclaw was! Bearclaw left with Doyles womin (both of 'em) and all the other chicks in the bar. None of the dudes cared, everyone was so pumped they just got drunk, high-fived each other and told Chet Bearclaw stories all night.