Ridazz Roulette!

The Graffiti Ride
The Graffiti Ride was thrown and funded by a student organization from the University of Soutern California [need proper title]. The tourguides were a team of photographer / graffiti anthropologists from 50mm Los Angeles; Too Tall Jahmal and Gabe the Saint. The ride snaked through Korea Town, Hollywood and the Pico Union area and coming to a rest at a graffiti yard known to all Los Angeles graffiti artists known as the Graff Lab. Here, with the kind permission of the Kings With Style crew, the cyclists saw live painting and experienced a yard run well by an authentic old school Los Angeles graffiti crew. Upon leaving the Graff Lab the group moved on towards the downtown area to see a couple more murals and finally ending the next leg of the ride at the BANKSY show just south of the 10 freeway near alameda st. Continuing North East the ride passed through China Town and along the 110 FWY bicycle path finally bringing the ride to an end at the LA River and Figueroa Blvd.

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