Ridazz Roulette!

#36 - The All City Toy Ride

December 2006

The 36th Midnight Ridazz All City Toy Ride was an idea seeded by Agent Orange and lead by the entire Ridazz community. The ride coordinated 6 or more routes reaching all parts of this vast city and converging on the Olvera St. Gazebo - a feat never before attempted by any bicycle organization in the history of Los Angeles. All routed connected as planned and rode as one final mass down Spring St.

This ride was for the kids with over 800 Ridazz donating more than $6000 dollars in toys and clothing to the Los Angeles Department of Children's Services. Collaborating with KGB Kolor Graphics gallery in downtown LA, the ride featured a grand ole warehouse party with all Ridazz DJ's: Trickmilla, DJ 1987 and DJ Dithmar spinning the illest sets. 4 Kegs provided by Big Bike Dan and a small army of Ridazz beertenderzz sweetened the atmosphere with $1 beers. In addition Trader Joe's of Silverlake threw down 24 cases of free water to quench the thirst of a thousand Ridazz....

Glo Rider presents the All City Toy Ride

The All City Toy Ride, a documentary by Donny Digital™

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