Ridazz Roulette!

31 Days of July
All over Southern California

July aka Jazzy Phat Nastee will be doing 31 rides for the 31 days of July 2009. The rides will be do documented here daily with photos and words as they are completed. His rides will be 1 - 1 1/2 Hours or 12 - 15 miles minimum nightly (whichever comes first).

July 1st (wed): Chill Chinatown Mosey!!
July 2nd (thurs): Bicykillers
July 3rd (fri):
July 4th (sat): OPEN
July 5th (sun): Bike Polo
July 6th (mon): Sixpack Mondays
July 7th (tues): SFV Critical Mass
July 8th (wed): WNDSRS
July 9th (thurs):
July 10th (fri): Midnight Ridazz - Neverland Ridazz
July 11th (sat): R080880888TZ
July 12th (sun):
July 13th (mon): Monday Night Rehab
July 14th (tues): Taco Tuesday (first one ever)
July 15th (wed):
July 16th (thurs): Open
July 17th (fri): The Ride With No Name
July 18th (sat): C.R.A.N.K. MOB
July 19th (sun):
July 20th (mon): Wolfpack Hustle
July 21st (tues): Tuesday Night Special
July 22nd (wed):
July 23rd (thurs): Open
July 25th (sat):
July 26th (sun): F'N WEST SIDE RIDE
July 27th (mon):
July 28th (tues): Mom Ridazz
July 29th (wed): BARCHOPZ!!
July 30th (thurs):
July 31st (fri): LACM/The People's Ride

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