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Thread Box:
Remember how LACM used to be?
Thread started by Aktive_420 at 11.22.11 - 5:36 pm

Remember how we used to have fun on the last friday of every month?

Before the days of the loud LAPD motorcycles riding next to you,
When We just had our sound bikes, no routes, no politics, when we could all just go out and see what that night brought us?

I say we bring back Critical Mass to its roots! NOT ROUTES!

Lets give this ride back to the people... not the city and its terms!

so check out the NEW LACM this friday...



Hey Active, I'd bring music to an alternative to the 'parade'..

Not sure about TPR though.

Also just like to state I'm into sharing the road and being sensible. IT's the best way to get motorists on your side.

11.22.11 - 6:56 pm



11.22.11 - 6:58 pm


Hope I'm not working!!!

11.22.11 - 7:03 pm


I remember!!

11.22.11 - 7:05 pm


can it be when the lapdcm leaves the meet point... the real lacm leaves an hour after?

11.22.11 - 7:22 pm


i HATE riding next to cops. can't stress it enough how rude and corrupt they are to cyclists and they think they are above the law. there are a few that may be nice but the MAJORITY are complete assholes.

this will be a good ride..

11.22.11 - 7:47 pm


I hadn't done one of the new police escorted LACMs until recently.

I thought it was pretty awesome.

We rode from Wilshire and Western to Downtown, to Occupy L.A., to Boyle Heights, and back up to Hollywood.

All the intersections were corked, there were no abusive motorists, it all went well.

It wasn't Crankmob-level excitement, but it was a pretty fun ride for HUNDREDS of people. I was amazed at how many people showed up. I hadn't done a ride like that for a while.

There's something to be said for organization and coordination. Not for every ride, obviously, but the new L.A. Critical Mass is pretty worthwhile.

11.22.11 - 11:27 pm


I agree with you JB, LA Critical Mass has 800 to 1000 riders. It is way too big now to be just a ride through the city blowing through red lights and endangering riders. I wish I could attend it more often, but I have other obligations. I rode it a couple of months ago and it was a the greatest experience you could ever have. I understand some people want it to be like the old days, but that was when it had like 50-100 people. That's not gonna happen anymore. It is just too popular now. I mean if that many people are getting on bikes in LA, it's a good thing. We should encourage more of it.

responding to a comment by JB
11.23.11 - 12:41 am


WTF!!! lacm always was big and we used to ride just fine without the cops.

responding to a comment by sgrant
11.23.11 - 12:55 am


It's absolutely correct we rode fine with hundreds of people and no police. What the majority of people don't understand it is that the police only started coming out after the video surfaced of the police tackling manny from the car wash.. it is a high profile bike ride and them coming out is their damage control.

I value jb's opinion... and I'm sure hundreds of people are having a good time but it's a long standing ride that was doing just fine before the police involvementand.

responding to a comment by cannondale310
11.23.11 - 1:50 am



the flannel and scarf wear man makes some points.

over all why not have two 500+ people rides at the same time
we can cover more ground
and more people will see us as a mass
as a group of people coming together just for fun


11.23.11 - 3:14 am


It was not always big, I remember hitting 10 people on LACM and thinking how cool it was that 9 other people wanted to ride bikes too.

I'd love to attend, but running my shop takes priority over fun. I used to be slow enough to justify taking an hour off on Friday to attend but now I'd just get people pissed at me for playing hookey.

I remember going to one and not recognizing a soul, and all the fixies (lame) and we just hung out in a park and people drank beer. Is it still like that? I guess that's one of the reasons why I stopped coming.

I guess I don't need to make excuses, I figure I do enough to keep the valley real, you can have the west side.

have fun, be safe.

responding to a comment by dudebra420
11.23.11 - 7:06 am


Is the Alternative Critical Mass going to be more drinking and smoking and less riding?
Isn't that how it used to be.

puck killer
11.23.11 - 8:17 am


We are actually looking at reducing the police presence at LACM by perhaps in half. Last LACM I rode with folks from the council office. They were impressed by how respectful th riders were while riding through residential neighborhoods, the sense of community coming together for a fun ridevat a pace hat was family and newbie friendly. The core of volunteers that take it upon themselves to guide and self policevthe ride. I do not anticipate devoting the number of resources we have in 2012 as we did in 2011.

Sgt. David Krumer
11.23.11 - 5:36 pm


Sargent Krumer, can you confirm my post above regarding the timeline the LAPD started escorting LACM? The police started coming out the month or 2 months after the "MANNY'S CAR WASH" incident....correct?

Is that NOT damage control? He recorded a police officer kicking a cyclist on Hollywood Blvd. and was tackled by police for recording it. I understand there is a lawsuit pending so you probably cannot comment on that one incident...

I have had discussions with one of the people that make up the route each month and are also the liaison between the LACM cyclists and the LAPD. Do the cyclists have a choice in the matter whether the LAPD escort the ride? If not, why?

responding to a comment by Sgt. David Krumer
11.23.11 - 5:48 pm


The timeline is correct...but the conclusion is a little off. The motivating factor was not damage control. We had been getting compliants about LACM before then. Myself and a few other officers actually rode an LACM before the incident and were preparing a report as to our observations which included open and conspicuous alcohol and drug use, riding against traffic in all lanes, and several conflicts between cyclists and motorists. Then Hollywood happened and demonstrated that stationary officer were I'll equipped to handle LACM. Everything came together all at once and it was decided that we had to have a visible presence from the outset of the ride.

No...participants in a ride that attract hundreds of riders do not have a choice as to whether the LAPD will be present or participating. Keep in mind that we do not set the route, and exercise no control over destination. We appreciate any communication that self appointed leaders may have with the Department...but we do not compel or demand communication. Our goal is to work in partnership and are happy that some forces in LACM are willing to take our extended hand...our relationship does not have to be adversarial.

If Aktive or anyone else sets up a different ride that's fine...we will not inject ourselves into those rides unless 1) it gets so large that our presence is necessary 2) complaints from the community demand we take some form of action or 3) violations of the law are rampant.

Sgt. David Krumer
responding to a comment by barleye
11.23.11 - 10:18 pm


Sargent Krumer,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiries. I really appreciate it.

Our hope is that this new ALTERNATIVE ride to LACM will carry on the tradition of the original Critical Masses around the world including no leader, no route, no confrontations and pure fun.

responding to a comment by Sgt. David Krumer
11.23.11 - 10:45 pm


escort FMLY & C.R.A.N.K. MOB.

Just sayyyyinnnn.

responding to a comment by Sgt. David Krumer
11.23.11 - 11:46 pm


Don't really know what happened to FMLY and CRANK Mob has been pretty much relegated to something that gets pulled out of the wine cellar for those special-ed occasions.
In my mind there isn't going to be a need to escort anything in the near future because of these low turnout numbers for rides.
The time to have done any of this would've been back in '08-'09 when the rides were usually topping out or exceeding 1000+ people.
Those days are all but, long gone and these escorts are a few years late and a couple bills short.
I say we just let things calm down and see what happens after awhile.
Maybe that feel good spirit of rolling deep on two wheels for no particular reason will become a Friday night priority after it's been forgotten about for awhile.

responding to a comment by palucha66
11.24.11 - 11:34 am


I used to have mixed feelings about the LAPD escorted LACM. I believe Sgt. Krumer that they will reduce the amount of cops escorting, my hope is that they will all be bicycle cops. I've been noticing that the bike cops are getting faster from seeing them buzz around Occupy LA from time to time. Building up the stamina. wondering when we will see them give up the clunky mountain bikes for road bikes....

11.24.11 - 11:53 am


Krumer is a man of his word.. has never done me wrong... or anyone else i know.. so hiw words have some validity when he says they will reduce the LAPD presence by half.

lets see

happy thanksgiving sergeant!

11.24.11 - 12:14 pm


Or switch to 29rs.

Unless you want to destroy overpriced rims, a roadbike won't stand up to all the curb hopping and stair descending that an MTB can withstand.

responding to a comment by Roadblock
11.24.11 - 12:19 pm


Yup they used my video of officers attacking bike riders to infiltrate (or "inject") themselves into the ride & turn it into a parade to rake in the over time & justify doing something positive for the bicycling community. What a waste of resources. Sad...

11.24.11 - 4:52 pm


Just curious...

Why is it that CYCLIST police officers are more agreeable than MOTORCYCLE officers.....?

11.24.11 - 9:25 pm


I am not promising a reduction...so I do not want to set false expectations. I can only say that reducing our footprint has been brought up. The ultimate decision will be made by folks way above my pay grade. I will let everyone know if/when a change in our approach occurs.

Happy thanksgiving all!

Sgt. David Krumer
responding to a comment by Aktive_420
11.24.11 - 10:44 pm


man what a great turn out.. i honestly was expecting 13 ridaz.

thanks to all that attended THE OLD LACM...

we shall see you next month..

WHo wants to lead?

should we trade leaders every what?

or randomly?

lets see..

11.26.11 - 8:08 am


so now you have 2 critical mass in LA? wtf is going on?!

11.26.11 - 9:34 am


Loved the ride, going by the start of LAPDCM was great and nice to see so many people joined up with us. To look up in front and see Aktive, Barley, Limeyfly and more, you just knew it was going to be a chill route, good music, great people and fun vibe. Thanks to everyone who turned out!

11.26.11 - 9:52 am




11.26.11 - 10:08 am


i got some stuff on video .......this CM was super awesome way better then LAPDCM
i didnt feel like a fucking sheep getting pushed around by sheep dogs

beans n cheese
11.26.11 - 6:02 pm


who is @ brian wills and why does he suck?

for the record this ride is supposed to be all inclusive so why are people being deleted from the lacm forum?

Brian Will Should it be you?
18 minutes ago ·
Matt Speed It should be no one..
18 minutes ago · · 1
Brian Will thats nice in fantasy land.
17 minutes ago · · 1
Matt Speed How did YOU become the leader?
17 minutes ago ·
Brian Will Your welcome to volunteer
16 minutes ago ·
Brad Ellman Brian, Please don't delete this thread..
16 minutes ago ·
Matt Speed So.. how did you become the leader/moderator?
14 minutes ago ·
Brian Will I volunteered, are you interested in volunteering?
14 minutes ago · · 1
Matt Speed You volunteered yourself as the leader?
13 minutes ago ·
Matt Speed CM doesn't have a leader..
13 minutes ago ·
Brad Ellman Brian, I know you and stuart have taken it upon yourselves to be the LAPD liasions....some aren't happy with it and some are. It is really getting ridiculous how this forum on FB has been censored thru and thru. It's (or at least used to be) a ride for the people of Los Angeles. If you want a ride and have a final say in each and every aspect, start a ride of your own. that's just my opinion....TOO MANY people have voiced their dislike of the police presence and the censorship. carry on.
13 minutes ago · · 2
Brian Will Brad its clear you have another agenda, so best you stay out of this. Matt, there has always been individuals who steward the rides.
12 minutes ago ·
Brad Ellman People have an opinion and would like to voice it here on the forum. Please let them do so as long as it's not hurting anyone.
11 minutes ago · · 1
Brian Will Both of you instead of hating on those who step up to help our fellow riders, why dont you volunteer your time.
11 minutes ago ·
Matt Speed Oh I'm not hating..
11 minutes ago ·
Brad Ellman Brian, nobody is hating. I have tried to convey that to you for months but it falls on deaf ears. You see "hating" being not conforming to your opinions.
8 minutes ago · · 1
Brian Will Brad, you have an agenda of hating law enforcement and prefer rides where recklessness prevails, and where drinking and smoking out is acceptable.
7 minutes ago ·
Matt Speed Brians going to start pepper spraying people before we know it.
6 minutes ago ·
Matt Speed Tsk tsk tsk.
6 minutes ago ·
Brian Will There are nearly a million people who ride a bike in Los Angeles, how about the silent majority who want to ride and have a positive experience
6 minutes ago ·
Brian Will I asked you if you had identifying information of the officer. Do you?
5 minutes ago ·
Brad Ellman I told you an officer rode within a foot of me on LACM a few months back and you said "well you have to take the good with the bad" and I called B.S. on that....there should be a zero tolerance with LAPD doing that sort of thing. You disagreed. You can't tell me what I prefer or not....I just prefer police officers not to be on a bike ride.
5 minutes ago ·
Brian Will I asked you if you had identifying information of the officer. Do you?
4 minutes ago ·
Matt Speed Stand by.. incoming PM from Brian Will.
3 minutes ago ·
Give MeThree hey. you guys have issues among yourselves personally. That is not what this forum is for. Go to chat, meet in private or start a "Let's discuss our personal issues" Why are you doing it here?
2 minutes ago ·
Brad Ellman I TOLD YOU I was pretty sure the officer's motorcycle was 1085. You wanted me to make the complaint. I asked you to ask your police connections if 1085 was on that month's ride and if it was, then that was the officer. Did you make any calls?
2 minutes ago ·
Brian Will you said you were uncertain. You also refused to make a complaint, has that changed?
a few seconds ago ·
Brian Will Give MeThree Your point is well taken, that is why this type of exchange will be removed.

11.26.11 - 7:02 pm


I asked who the moderator/leader was and this happened ..

responding to a comment by zeepenguin
11.26.11 - 7:16 pm


i remember a critical mass where we were rolling up and down hollywood blvd and turned south. the cops started stopping random people and handing out tickets. basically they can't get everybody so they take a bunch of sacrifices. i said something like, "nobody drink or smoke, lets wait for out friends, the police can only take our time, let's wait and stay together."

i was hand cuffed, put in the back of a car. never charged. held until everyone left. they later said that they could have charged me with inciting a riot. then they said i couldn't ride my bike until the next day or i would be arrested.

so i basically hate cops after that.

11.26.11 - 8:16 pm


The cops are going to take down Occupy LA on Monday night. The 28th. Probably around 10pm.

We should bike swarm around city hall in solidarity to protect the camp from getting torn down and occupiers arrested if we keep riding around in large numbers, peacefully. We can legally ride around city hall in circles because of the one way streets. Spread the word and let's do this.

Joe Borfo
11.26.11 - 9:47 pm



11.28.11 - 6:20 am


We got tooo big...and too enthusiastic, bringing fear and apprehension for the MAN! lol

They look at us mobbing..and they worry what we may be capable of, not realizing they are the ones with the twisted perspective. WE JUST WANT TO FUCKING RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11.28.11 - 4:27 pm



12.1.11 - 7:52 am


hmmm i stopped going to LACM, because some coppers pulled us over they said "why the both of you guys riding in the middle of the street even though we weren't (Right side of the street).

both of us got mad when we received a ticket (f***ing assholes).
O'well we headed to a kickback and got drunk off tha Gentlemen Jack

Drinking N Bicyclin" is off tha hook!!!

12.3.11 - 6:10 am


went to halloween crit mass back in 08... it was quite wild...

went to one at the beginning of the year... i lasted for about 10 min before busting a bitch...it's not what it used to be obviously... but it is beneficial to everyone who rides a bicycle... and does promote awareness.

the difference is night and day when it comes to how drivers treat & share the road with bikes compared to then and now. so what LACM has evolved into, is a good thing.

12.3.11 - 5:08 pm


12.4.11 - 2:44 pm


omg i wouldn ever go to a ride with that many cops! what did they think you guys would do, riot??

12.4.11 - 3:10 pm


Noe Cruz
So I Posted This On LAPDCM The Ride Page;
"If Anyone By Any Chance Is Interested In Riding Something Else Rather Than Critical Mass On The 30th HMU..."

Brian Will's Response: "Hi Noe, You have been posting great stuff and that is appreciated. However, If you ever try to poach riders again, you will be banned by an admin. Every ride is entitled to attract those who wish to come. Poaching others is not appropriate"

My Response: "Poaching is the illegal taking of wild plants or animals contrary to local and international conservation and wildlife management laws. I Was Just Advertising another ride because many other riders might be interested in another ride but I See how you handle & lead YOUR Critical Mass..."

He Didn't Reply, So Does That Mean I Won? :D
Like · · Unfollow Post · 7 hours ago

12.20.11 - 11:50 pm


I remember when the biggest gripe about LACM was leaving at 7 or 7:30. And people complaining about not enough bathroom stops.

responding to a comment by Aktive_420
06.12.12 - 2:57 am


ha ha... the good old days!

responding to a comment by kryxtanicole
07.20.12 - 10:58 pm


All cops aren't so bad. :)

07.21.12 - 2:02 am


I remember how it used to be, and that is why I don't go anymore. I am tired of having my life risked because some motorcycle cops feel they can dart in and out of massive packs of bikes safely.

I love you SGT. Krumer, and I love what you do here. However, I refuse to have my life endangered because you can't keep a short enough leash on your dogs.

07.21.12 - 8:49 pm



07.21.12 - 8:51 pm



01.27.16 - 2:56 pm


Have fun! Keep the bike love ...alive.

responding to a comment by barleye
01.31.16 - 9:18 am



Who's been here recently...

david30x69 | felet10203 | hasr09809 | mason52ix | fele60409 | cost09865